(Kearney, NE; January 2016) —Jacobsen Orr attorneys Dan Lindstrom and Ryan Carson, along with co-defense counsel Husch Blackwell, recently obtained a defense verdict for their clients in the Buffalo County District Court in Kearney.  The case involved complex issues of Nebraska securities law, wherein the plaintiffs sought recovery of over $1 million of investments, in addition to statutory interest and attorneys’ fees, related to a developing biodiesel project in Arapahoe, Nebraska.  The members of the two plaintiff limited liability companies, including a prominent retired cardiothoracic surgeon, an attorney, and an MBA graduate, all actively involved in large real estate developments, claimed to have been misled by certain oral statements.  The defendants denied making any such statements.  The case was first filed in 2009 and was presented to the Nebraska Supreme Court on two separate occasions, on motions to dismiss and for summary judgment, before it proceeded to a jury trial.  The trial was conducted primarily on the credibility of the parties and witnesses and involved the introduction of extensive documentary evidence and testimony. The jury of twelve deliberated for less than an hour and a half and returned a unanimous verdict for the defense.