Technology—while you may love it, hate it, or are totally agnostic about it, there can be no question but that it has changed the way we do nearly everything.  That includes the practice of law and delivery of legal services to our clients and to our community at large.  At Jacobsen Orr, we’ve made significant investments in technology to serve you better and more efficiently.  Creating a better internet presence eventually led us to add the ability to post blog (or “blawg”–a term invented for legal blog sites) posts to our own website.

A bit of history about this phenomenon:  “Blog” is a term first used in 1999 as shorthand for the old term, “weblog.”  The term can be used as both a verb and a noun (see,  1999 is, of course, eons ago in time as measured in technology years, which accelerate time even faster than dog years.  The rapid growth of blogging in the legal arena (“blawgging”) has been more conservative, but no less important, in terms of growth, content and delivery of legal information and observations of interest to lawyers and their clients.

We will strive to make our posts relevant to the unique needs and interests of our clients, sometimes entertaining, and often thought-provoking.  In the process, we hope to focus upon issues that relate to our areas of practice.  We hope that you will let us know how we are doing.  Thanks for your interest in Jacobsen Orr!

Dan Lindstrom