In the last several days, I have had several conversations with family, friends and clients about the recent property valuations in and around the Kearney area.  Apparently, these individuals are not alone in their concern as related by the recent Kearney Hub article (click here for article).  Due to the multitude of questions, I thought it might be of interest to provide some information to those of you considering how you might deal with the recent valuation.

First, please note that you should feel free to contact the Buffalo County Assessor (prior to June 30th) and request a time that you can relay your concerns.  Oftentimes, a simple phone call can resolve the issue.

If you are unable to visit with the Buffalo County Assessor, or after having done so, you are not satisfied with the result, you have two options:  1) Do nothing and the recent assessment will be your new valuation for tax purposes for 2015 and thereafter (unless changed in the future), or 2) File a Protest with the Buffalo County Board of Equalization through the Buffalo County Clerk by June 30th. 

If you file a Protest (option 2 above), please note that the two issues that you are entitled to raise include: 1) Valuation and 2) Equalization.  The Buffalo County Assessor website has helpful information to help you make the decision to file, or not to file, a Protest, as well as the Forms that you must use in order to perfect a Protest. 

Please note that Jacobsen Orr is not making any broad assertions by posting this information that you should immediately protest.  Rather, as members of this community, we feel it is our duty to both Buffalo County, as well as its residents, that our community have access to information to fully and fairly determine the best path to take in response to the recent valuations.